Thursday, July 21, 2011


I seriously can't wait for this weekend. It is going to be a busy one but with tons of fun stuff!!!

My cousin Scott flew in last night from NYC to spend the weekend here! We are supposed to be hanging out tonight! I love getting to spend time with my cousin. I still need to plan my trip to NYC. BUT I planned my trip to ST. Louis first.... I can't help it I miss Angel and her fam!

Friday night I am going out to a Riverdogs game with a group of friends. We are reuniting a group of people we used to hang out with a good couple of years ago. I hope we all have lots of fun and can start hanging out as a group more! It is going to seem like a couples thing I told Ashley her little man is my date! haha He is super cute so I think I will have the best date there! :)

Saturday morning I am waking up TOO early for a Saturday morning and going to take a spin class with my friend Shannon. I am nervous and excited for this. I have never taken a spin class and it just seems rather intimidating. Hopefully it goes well and I don't fall off the bike and die! After the gym I am going to our family reunion. I hope it is not miserable hot since it is mainly outside (kinda). I am excited to see all the family and eat some YUMMY Beaufort Stew (corn on the cob, shrimp, sausage, and little potatos with a nice seasoning) it's a southern thing. I am hoping to end up doing something fun Saturday night. My cousin mentioned the windjammer which is on Isle of Palms. Should be fun!!

Sunday we are going to see my cousins son get Baptised then having a little get together after!

My last few weekends haven't been all that eventful so it should be a nice change! :D

Happy Thursday everyone!! It is ALMOST Friday :D Thank God!


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