Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beach Adventures

After enjoying my lovely french fries for National French Fry day I went to the beach! I was with my friends Amanda and Laura who are actually sisters. I am in Amanda's wedding next June so it was nice to spend some time with her and Laura both. They are so different it's funny but heck I am nothing like my sisters. And I do not mean that in a bad way! haha Anywho we went out to Folly to the washout (where the surfers go) and hardly had any beach to play on. But we ended up having a photoshoot! Between our 3 phones I believe there are TONS of pictures of all of us. I picked my favorites to put on here. It was HOT HOT HOT out there and I regretted not wearing my shorts but that's ok. I did however wear a hat and put braids in my hair which I had never done together before and I liked it. My hair was not in my face at all which for the beach is normally impossible. Hopefully the 3 of us can go on more "adventures" together! I know we all had a great time together :) and here are my pictures!

This picture I was scared would make me look like a beached whale but it actually turned out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself

I think I was talking to Amanda in this picture. I would be "posing" and she wouldn't say anything. HELLOOOO are we done?? haha

This one is FUNNY! She took it right as a wave crashed into my legs! Hence the lovely facial expression

This one is my favorite of the entire shoot! I was looking at Amanda like your a crazy person!

Here is one of Laura! We didn't end up with a picture together but I didn't want to leave her out! I thought this picture was really cute of her especially with the yellow flower in her hair. I took one with one of those flowers in my hair last week. Hmmm I think I posted it on here. Maybe not!

Happy Thursday everyone!!! Enjoy the day and drink plenty of water it is going to be another HOT HOT HOT day!!


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