Sunday, July 24, 2011

Family Fun

The weekend is pretty much over! I had a great time but I am honestly excited for my non-exciting weekend next weekend! I don't have anything planned except the gym and maybe the beach.

Here's the breakdown of my busy weekend!

Friday I left work early and went to the gym for awhile. Later that night I went to a Riverdogs game with my friends Ashley, Mike, their baby J, Damien, Geoff and Sabrina. It was nice to have a group to hang out with again. That is one thing I really miss about high school and my first year of college. We always had tons of fun! The game was really good lots of foul balls and they did eventually lose. Oh well still a great time! The breeze was about to put Ashley and I asleep! It was amazing and the end of the game had fireworks which were pretty decent!

I am officially a Riverdog

So is Mike they taught him how to fly haha

Ashley, Baby J and me! I don't LOVE this picture of me but it is still a picture to remember! I love those 2 and had a great time with them

So Saturday morning I woke up at 8 to head to the gym! I told my friend Shannon I would try a spin class with her. Well my thoughts on it... I hated it, I loved it and I almost puked! Oh my gosh it SUCKED! I few times I seriously thought my legs were just going to fall off! haha and not to mention my butt HURTS!!! It still feels bruised :( At least the music was pretty awesome and that is what kept us going. Shannon said she almost got up and walked out haha I don't think she would have done that.

After I got myself together and all clean I headed to our family reunion. It was out on the river and thank God there was a breeze. It was still crazy hot out there though.

Isabelle looking ridiculously cute

Lola and me! So cute! She drives me nuts but I still love the heck out of her! haha she is the little sister I never had

I thought this was funny. Isabelle LOVES phones! She is always digging through a purse to find a phone. I also taught her that a purse is not called a pocketbook. That is such an old term lol sorry if I just offended anyone! I just hate calling it a pocketbook.

So freaking sweet! She loves to love on babies. This is her cousin John. He is about a year younger than her and he is adorable. I think she doesn't realize that she isn't much older than he is.

The view of the Morris Island lighthouse from the dock. Gorgeous views I love living in Charleston. I don't know if I could move away from the coast and not be able to see water whenever I want to.

Family pictures!

After the reunion I went with my cousins basically everyone in that first family picture minus our papa to my cousin Alicia's. She lives in a condo with a pool. It was pretty warm in the pool but a lot of fun to spend time with my family. Most of them live in Greenville, SC and Scott lives in NYC. So I enjoyed spending time with them.

Today I slept in. I went to bed last night at like 9ish and slept 12 hours! It felt amazing! Anywho we went to Midland Park United Methodist Church in North Charleston to see Xavier get baptised. He is so darn cute and I was glad I got to be apart of it. However, the church service after was ummm old fashioned and pretty boring. We sang out of a hymnal book... I haven't done that in FOREVER! Afterwards we went to his grandmothers house to have a nice lunch. There was BBQ and all the fixins. SO good!

Isabelle hitting me with her head! Gave me a headache for the majority of the afternoon.

me with my cousin Scott! I think this is such a great picture and the next one too!

After all the family festivities I headed to the gym for a much needed workout. It was almost 2 hours which felt great.

Great weekend and hopefully this week will be nice to everyone!


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