Monday, August 1, 2011


It has been awhile but right now I can truly say I am 100% HAPPY!! Gah it is such a great feeling. I won't share too many details but I am starting to do things to better myself for example started a savings account, working on paying off my credit card, losing more weight (YAY!) and signed up for training classes through my job. Not to mention I had a great weekend!

Friday I went to dinner with Kelly at our fave place Kicken Chicken. Saturday I woke up about 7:30 and headed to the gym. I got in a good 45 min workout before spin class. Spin Class was so much better this saturday! My butt didn't hurt as bad after and I lost 2 lbs in that 1 hour. I weighed myself before I left the house and when I got home that's how I know. :) Later on in the day I went out with mom dad and the nieces. We went to a couple of stores and to see my Papa. I always love to see him I have such great memories with him. Later that night I went to see my friend Ashley and her family. They were having another couple over and invited me over as well. I love how their little boy is always my "date" haha I say that just so I don't seem completely alone. He is quite handsome so I was a lucky girl! haha We went to Old Navy just the girls and I got to know her friend Mellissa a little bit. she seems really sweet and I enjoyed getting to know her. Anywho for dinner with had Beer Brats (YUM), some yummy rice, corn on the cob and then for dessert I made a brownie cookie thing. It was quite amazing! I had made it at their house before so we already knew it was going to be great!

Sunday Kelly and I went to Triangle Char and Bar in West Ashley. We have been dying to try this place but everytime we have tried to go they are PACKED. BUt we got there at 10:45 right before the "rush". We got a carafe of Mimosas yummmmmm Have I ever mentioned how much I LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEE Mimosas?? Just saying! haha I got the french toast, she got pancakes and we split eggs, fruit and home fries. It was all so delicious especially the home fries. After brunch we headed to walmart. And can I just say I am really starting to HATE walmart.... I used to absolutely love it and went all the time. Lately however, I just can't stand it. The wait to check out is ridiculous and they don't have everything I need anymore. I prefer Bi-Lo which has better pricing and much more options for the things I need/want. After we left that horrible place we parted ways and I went home to watch the wedding of Vannessa and Nick Lachey for the 2nd time! They had such a beautiful wedding. I now want to get married on a tropical island too. Of course to have it near as beautiful as they did I need to go win the lottery.

I ended up hitting the gym after the wedding special. I got in a good 2 hour workout which felt great after eating all the yumminess at breakfast. Of course after my workout I went to my favorite spot to "cool down". Something about the breeze off the harbor and getting to see all the people fishing and chatting with their friends just chills me out. Not to mention the occassional dolphin that pops up. I went and saw my sister and her family then headed home. It ended up storming and I got to chat with one of my new favorite people for most of the evening. :) Oh and had a yummy dinner with mom and dad not too unhealthy either that's always a plus!

Such a great weekend!! And this week will be quite amazing as well! Birthday party, dinner with friends 3 nights this week, get to see someone amazing, and a jewelry party!! Busy busy, but I can't wait!

Have a wonderful Monday!


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