Monday, August 15, 2011

My weekend

Seriously, another weekend has come and gone?? Mondays come way too quickly for me. But at least I had a great weekend. Although I am going to post more than just my weekend. Let's go back to Thursday.

So Thursday while I was at work I got a text asking what my plans were. It was thursday... so obviously I had nothing but the gym on my agenda. You would think by now some people would automatically know the gym is happening. Anywho my friend Amanda asked me to go out in the boat for a "booze cruize" with her family. I initially said no because I wanted to get laundry done and just chill. BUT her sister convinced me to go and I ended up having a really good time. We were on the boat for almost an hour then went to California Dreaming. I used to LOVE this place but ther service SUCKS. I even left our waiter a note saying how rude it was basically to grab my credit card and hold onto it for over 20 mins. My theory is this.... You pick up our checks with our cash and cards you need to go process them immediately and come back. Not go give everyone at another table their water etc. There is just something unsettling to me about them holding onto it that long. That's obviously just my opinion but thats ok.
There are more pictures on someone else's phone but this is the only one I have seen. This is Amanda, Laura and myself at dinner. There are cute ones from the boat. I need to get them.

Friday night I chilled and did my laundry. It was nice I had been so busy every night since the last weekend.

Saturday morning I was going to sleep in and miss spin class but I still woke up at 8am. What the heck? So much for sleeping in. So I got up and went to the gym but I did miss spin class. I had to go find some shoes for Norrissia's 30th bday party for Saturday night. I ended up finding some really cute ones at Cato for $12.99. I was quite happy and they ended up being comfortable. Oh and I have tons of pictures from Nor's bday bash but I am going to put those in another post. For now I will leave you with 2 pictures of my awesome dress. I loveeeeee this dress!

Sunday I nursed a hangover for pretty much most of the day. Finally got up at 3 to go to the gym. I never thought 2 hours at the gym would be a hangover cure but it was. When I got done I felt like a new woman! Then we had my sis and the girls over for dinner which was yummy. It was shrimp fettucine I think I spelt that wrong. Either way it was awesome!! Mom did a great job with that. Oh and I got this adorable picture of Izzy and myself before dinner. She is such a ham sometimes. I love her!!

Well time to get to work. I will post the fun pictures from Norrissia's bday later!!

Happy Monday!


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