Monday, August 22, 2011


Apparently there is a hurricane headed our way. I am really not in the mood for a hurricane. But really are we ever in the mood for a hurricane? The last one that came our way was Floyd which was forever ago. Actually I think I was in 8th grade when that happened. It took us a LOOOOONG time to get to Greenville SC which is only a 4 hour max drive normally. Evacuating for a hurricane is a serious pain the rear! I am just hoping and praying it moves west and we don't have to leave.

Perfect end to a bad day! I work on a military base and we have a barrier system when entering our gate. Well it opened up on a car this morning and the gate was CLOSED. Bring on the traffic. Luckily I go to work early enough so it didn't make me LATE just later than I normally am. I felt so bad for people it took some of them hours to get into the base. Crazy right?? I would have just gone home. Which is exactly what my aunt did.

Sorry for the VENT but things just kinda were blah today!! Tomorrow will be so much better :D I have spin class which makes everything better!! Btw have I mentioned I now LOVE LOVE LOVE spin class. I have gone to 5 now which are a serious workout for 1 hour. It is awesome! Try it!!

Well Happy end to your Monday!! I hope to start blogging more but I have been in a blog rut! I have plenty to blog just not in the mood to really sit down and do it. It happens :)


It wouldn't let me post on Monday for some odd reason! Lame blogger!

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Krystal said...

Oy. I know. I am supposed to head to the FL Keys this weekend and we are all waiting to see where the forecasters are predicting Irene to head to next! Hopefully away from my vacation destination! Stay safe and HUNKER DOWN! ;) LOL