Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not cute

This morning at work I was going through all my e-mail folders just trying to make room for new e-mails. I have like 20+ folders that are almost at their size limit. I have a habit of saving e-mails because believe it or not I have had to resort back to them a time or two.
Anyways I found some pictures that an old co-worker of mine took when she was retiring. I found the picture below! This was only 2 years ago... it is amazing the change 2 years can take on a person. So this is Shawn and myself in my old office which I miss terribly! Since then I know I have lost 30lbs and Shawn has lost a TON!!! When I showed her this picture she was SHOCKED. Sometimes you don't realize how big you are until you lose weight and look back at pictures! She is basically half that size now and looks great!

Thank God for the last 2 years and the transformation I have been doing with myself! Definitely happier with myself now than I was at that time. AND with this picture I have decided never to have short hair ever again! haha

Back to work... lunch is over :(


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