Friday, July 8, 2011

Q is...

Q is for Questionnaire.
Tell me about the shirt you're wearing?

Just a boring black shirt! Well and a jacket lol always cold here people!

What's currently bothering you?

That would currently be a secret! But it is nothing major!

What do you currently hear?

Mail bins and people opening mail. Yes I sit in a mail center however I am a Librarian! Haha yes go ahead and figure that one out!

When was the last time you had your hair cut?

2 weeks ago! She cut it too short which is only like an inch! I am trying to grow it out so I don’t want it cut like at all.

When were you last outside?

When I walked into work. It was pouring outside so I had to run!

Are you wearing shorts?

Nope! Jeans!

Does the thought of marriage scare you?

Nope it is an exciting thought. I just hope to find a man worth marrying I tell ya it is discouraging these days.

What are you doing today?

Working until 3:30, Gym then maybe out with Kelly.

Look to your left, what is there?

phone, papers, note book, money picture frames and binder clips

What time did you go to sleep last night?

I think I finally fell asleep at like 12:30… a little late for me. However the night before I went to bed at like 8:30 so I was well rested.

When is your Birthday?

December 31st.

The way to win your heart?

Being sweet, kind, caring and encouraging. Not a big fan of buttheads lol

What are you going​ to do this weeke​nd?

gym, shopping downtown with Kellbell, probably go to the pool and hopefully church.

Were you happy when you woke up today?

I wasn’t not happy…. I woke up to a thunderstorm and figured it was going to make my hair frizzy today! Haha yes I thought that before 6am!

Have you ever crawled through a window?

I don’t believe so.

Would you ever donate blood?

I have twice. The first time was perfect the 2nd time I almost passed out and threw up soooooo I haven’t gone back…. Although I do want to try it again soon. I just have to get over my new fear.

Has anyone ever mistaken you for a family member?

On the phone I get mistaken for either one of my sisters but not in person.

Do you have reason to smile right now?

Um… not really! I am freezing at work and I am sleepy lol

What do you do when you're stressed out?

Either vent to a friend or go take a walk alone on the beach

Would you honestly say you'd risk your life for someone else?


Do you open up to people easily?

Not really. I am not an open book my any stretch of the imagination. But if I trust you then you know a good bit about me.

Has anyone upset you in the last week?

Not really.

What is the last pill you swallowed?

Tylenol yesterday afternoon

What was the first thing you thought this morning?

The very first thing…. Was about a text message then I thought about my frizz hair I was going to have today haha

Who do you blame for your bad mood today?

I am not in a bad mood so nobody.

Where is the person you like right now?


What was the first thing you did this morning?

Turned off my alarm checked my phone and took a shower

Do you care of what people think of you?

Of course I care… but their opinions do not really matter. I am pretty happy with myself so that is what matters.

Who was the last person you took a picture with?

Um… that would be Isabelle!

What are you looking forward to right now?

The weekend!!! I get to sleep in tomorrow morning!!

Do you miss someo​ne?


Does your crush like you?

He doesn’t NOT like me! haha If you could go back in time and change something would you?Nope!

Do you hate smokers?

haha really?? Of course not! But I prefer the smoke to not be in my face!

Ever had a near death experience?

nah! Don’t believe so!

Something you do a lot?

Gym, text, sing, work!

Last person you cried in front of?

My pillow… haha ok maybe Angel? I don’t cry in front of people pretty much ever!

Have you ever been to a tanning bed?

I have not…. Been thinking about it but it is probably not really worth it.

Does anyone hate you for no reason?

Maybe… I don’t know!

Have you ever kissed someone whose name starts with the letter J?


What are you stressed out about?


What was your favourite grade?

12th! I had early out and my classes were easy.

When is the next time you'll see your best friend(s)?

Kelly probably today. Angel in September and Ashley I am sure sometime this week or next!

Are any of your friends pregnant?

Nope! But a couple of them have just had babies pretty much.

Favourite number?


Ever been in love?


Are you wearing make-up?

Heck yes! I would look like a zombie otherwise! Not cute people NOT cute!

What were you doing at 11:30 last night?

Sending a text message and attempting to be sleepy!

What's the last thing you said and to who?

I asked my coworker why he was wearing a hat… in 4 years I have NEVER seen him wear a hat! So it was a legit question!

Do you sleep on your stomach?

never! Boobs are too big lol I sleep on my sides

What do you hear?

a fan…

Are you ticklish?

VERY!!! I hate it!!! Especially when someone finds out and thinks it is funny to tickle me. I then hate that person! Haha

Last time you saw fireworks, with who & where?

4th of July at the Yacht club with my family and my parents friends.


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