Monday, April 27, 2009


I do not know WHY but I have developed a fascination with BIG ships and trains over the last couple of years. Also with Military vehicles (thanks to my job)! I was delivering mail last week and saw this HUGE ship going through the shipping channel and took these two pictures with my phone. One of the pics actually has military vehicles in it but its not a big deal because they are so small you cant see details. I know you probably think im weird but I just wanted to share my two pictures! I PERSONALLY think they are cool! haha

Anyways its Monday AGAIN and I just wish I could still be sleeping. The last two weekends I have not gotten much sleep. Saturdays have been garage sales then Sunday is church time! Neither of those two I want to miss so therefore lack of sleep has occured. But I had a great weekend, Friday night I went to dinner with my mom, grammy and Aunt Susan to the Boulevard Diner on JI. SOOOO Good!! Saturday I went to garage sales with dad spent time with mom, had lunch with Kelly and we got a FREE couch!!! Saturday night I spent time with Seth and then we went to dinner with the Shults Family!! LOVE THEM and miss them! Sunday was another wonderful church service im LOVING this beautiful series Pastor Chris is preaching right now. All women should attend (ask me for details)! I had a good weekend I just wish it wasnt over! But its time for me to get to work and stop slacking!!! Have a great monday!!!

<3 Sara

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