Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our BUSY Saturday

Well yesterday was a VERY busy but VERY fun Saturday for Seth and I. First Kelly spent the night Friday night and we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and we all had a drink. Then it was time for TARGET! We came back and got in the hot tub and talked for awhile then it was time for bed. Luckily we went to bed somewhat early. SAturday we all woke up and went to the Flowertown Festival. I didnt take any pictures but I wish I had. I got 2 wooden cut out things. one is a Clemson C with a tiger paw in it and the other is a palmetto tree. Last year I bought one for Ashley and Newman and REALLY wanted one for me this year. Then we all went to the Wannamaker County Park for ultimate Frisbee with Northwood Assembly (kellys new church) it was ok. we played Volleyball instead and ate some hot dogs. Kelly had to leave then to go to work. SO Seth and I went and got my lolly polly and went to the JICP for some bike riding!! It was the PERFECT day to go out there. We had a GREAT time!! I love spending time with her shes my fave person!! Around 5 we dropped her off went to feed our friends Dog and Cat. We are house and dog sitting until next Saturday. After that we met up with Heather and Kainen for some putt putt at Frankies!!! SO much fun minus the fact that a GOOSE tried to fly at me and attack me. THANK GOD for the temp gate that would have HURT like a mofo. The whole time we were playing we were smelling BBQ it was from Roberts BBQ. So of course after I got that craving we just HAD to eat there. it was SOOOO yummy. After that we went BACK to our friends house to let the dog out one last time. We then went to Heathers moms and headed DOWNTOWN!! We didnt do much (none of us have alot of money) so we walked around and hung out at water front park!! We didnt spend any money and still had a GREAT time!! I was so glad I got to see her. She moved to Columbia back in January so whenever I get to hang out with her I take my opportunity. Shes a really good friend and I miss her being in Charleston. Thank God COlumbia is not TOO far away!!! We went a couple of weekends ago up to their place and went to the zoo. So we will def do that again but take Lola with us next time!!! Anyways that was our Saturday. SOOOO busy but amazing!! Today we are just doing some stuff around his house and taking it easy. We have our Dave Ramsey Class tonight then will probably go over to my house to eat dinner. I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!!!! Below are some pics!! ENJOY!


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