Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another fun weekend

So yet ANOTHER weekend has come and gone. Oh how I hate when that happens. This weekend was really a good one. Friday I went to dinner with Shannon, Tony and Lola out at applebees and had the BEST choclate cake!! YUMMY! Ok I know I didn't need it but come on it was AMAZING. Saturday I woke up bright and early and went to garage sales with my dad and Tony. I got a washer for my apt which im excited about and a couple of other things. SO much fun I think this will become a new tihng for me! lol the rest of the day was kind of chill. Saturday night Seth and I hung out with Pam and Wyatt. We wont be able to do that too much longer, they are moving to Dallas. And today we went to church (great sermon) come to Coastal Community Church in west ashley for this series. its titles Beautiful and EVERY woman should hear this series!!! Then Seth and I went to lunch with Kelly welly at cibos! Very yummy!! THEN we went with Shannon and Lola to pick strawberries. This was my very first time picking them and I had alot of fun. We picked SO many that we made two pies and we still have some left over!!! Tonight im watching all these princess movies on ABC Family and im going to just RELAX!!! Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend and HAS a great work week!!

<3 Sara

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