Friday, April 18, 2014

Celebrating the boy

So as my last post said wednesday was my boys birthday. We had to work but planned to go out that evening.

 But first I had my first physical therapy appointment which went well. They basically think I have been constantly spraining my left ankle for months. So ankle brace, PT, and a cream will hopefully be the cure to my ankle issues. I hope it cures it because I do not want surgery of any kind and I want my workouts back to normal. 
Ps. This thing on my ankle was not comfortable at. All. 

After my appointment I picked up Dave and we headed to Shem Creek to Reds Icehouse to meet up with the ladies. 

The view from their deck is very pretty so we got to enjoy that while we waited for our table to be ready. This place was PACKED unfortunately but it was still fun. 

Birthday shot, jagerbomb so gross but his choice! 
We had dinner with my sis, cousin Kimberly and Dana. So poor guy was surrounded by beautiful women all evening. Rough life he lives. 

Him and I both took yesterday off to hang out. We went to the gym then saw the new Captain America movie (his choice). It was pretty good I won't lie and he absolutely LOVED it! Looks like there will be a 3rd movie to this so I am sure I will end up seeing that one too lol not complaining I swear. 
I did get my car cleaned too so that was nice, it needed it BAD. 

We cooked dinner and chilled then I headed home! A good 2 days for sure and the next 2 days will have lots of fun as well. Blessed blessed blessed I tell ya. 

Enjoy your weekend!! 

<3 Sara

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