Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Party

Yesterday my friend Dana threw a really fun and super cute party to celebrate Easter. We definitely had so much fun and hopefully she can do another one next year maybe with more help since we all want it to happen. We hid eggs for the kids to find them, did crafts, dyed eggs and even ate some really yummy treats! 

How cute is this cake Dana made?!? I love it! 

We were awesome egg hiders! 
The golden egg which had $5 in it. 
They are best buds, so cute! 
My egg, nobody said the adults couldn't join in on the fun! 

This picture is priceless!!! One happy kid (danas son Blake) with his golden egg! 
My beautiful Lola with a cupcake I made
Egg dying fun
The kids did enjoy some nerf gun fights for probably a good hour. The looked to be having quite some fun but I sat this one out. 

This afternoon we have a family birthday/Easter party which will be fun! 

Happy Easter everyone!! 

<3 Sara

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