Sunday, April 6, 2014

MB for the day

Saturday morning started a bit early, like 6:15am for me. I only wake up early on weekends for the fun stuff and this was one of those days. Me, mom, Shannon, Izzy and Dave all packed in the suburban and headed to Myrtle Beach. We always love a day trip to MB and Dave had never been so it was bound to be a good time. 
Izzy and I taking a silly picture
Dave took himself a nap there annnnnd on the way home! Sleepy boy! 

We got there and headed straight to the 501 Tanger outlets for some shopping! Dave and I both got shoes for a good deal and some great deals at American Eagle. Shannon and mom got some deals too! 

After that we had lunch then headed to the Ripleys Aquarium at Broadway at the beach. We had not been in years and Daves first visit. We got in for quite cheap with his military discount so that was definitely a plus. 
I love this picture <3 
First we saw the mermaid show. I was not impressed but of course kids would think it was amazing. 
We played around and took quite a bit more pictures you can see here! 

This is always my favorite, the sea turtle 

This boy makes me so darn happy! 

While Mom, Shannon and Izzy finished up in the Aquarium Dave and I headed outside to look around. 

We didn't go very far but we saw Margaritaville and went in a novelty shop. 

We headed back home shortly after. Mom wanted to stop at Tractor Supply and look what we saw! Baby chicks!!! They were so cute and tiny! 

We were beat after a long fun day and definitely chilled the rest of the eveninh when we got home. 

Today was pretty lazy for the most part besides a trip to the gym this morning and cleaning my room a bit this evening. 

Hope yall had a wonderful weekend as well 

<3 Sara

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