Friday, April 4, 2014

Queso? Yes please!

After work yesterday I went to an Orthopedic Dr about my ankle that won't stop swelling. Basically she wants me to wear an ankle brace as much as I can, do PT, and pray that works. If that plan of action doesn't work then off for an MRI to check out the tendons and pray they aren't torn. If they are then that means surgery. Um no thank you!! I am praying PT, the brace and less intense workouts for awhile will help it heal and I won't need any surgery! 

I skipped the gym to go see my aunt who has been recovering from cancer treatments and my grammy! We sat in the backyard for a good hour just chatting and enjoy the weather. I love this time of year when it's not hot or cold outside. Honestly it was perfect!!! 

I called my sister Shannon to see if her and the girls wanted to go have some mexican food for dinner and luckily they said yes. I have been craving this for awhile but never go for some reason. 
We sat outside because it was so nice and their patio area really was kinda cool the way the had it decorated. 
There was an old looking wagon that I took Izzys pic in front of. I figured that was very fitting since she had on her cowgirl boots. 

I also had a HUGEEEE margarita on the rocks. I didn't drink it all because I started to feel a little tipsy from it. Note: I hardly ever drink liquor anymore only beer so that's why it was hitting me a little quickly. 

We all really enjoyed our dinner and time together especially when it means hot fudge sundaes from McDonalds after :) yum yum! 

<3 Sara

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