Friday, April 11, 2014

Downtown stroll

Yesterday afternoon was absolutely gorgeous and I knew I needed to go walk downtown. Dave surprised me and said he was coming to hang out so he got to go with me. Since he is still semi new to Charleston he had never been down here to explore. First stop was the battery and white point gardens where they are doing some construction but still pretty. 

Rainbow Row on the way to waterfront park

He asked me if this is like where spongebob lives haha silly boy 

I absolutely love this picture, it turned out amazing! The coloring is perfect thanks to the sun setting. 
Someone desperately had to potty and these happened to be around the corner! I wouldn't use these but I guess guys don't care. 
Someone found me a pretty flower to naturally I got my picture with it. 
Being silly with the cannons at White Point Gardens we like to have fun! 

The sunset and the palm trees make me happy I absolutely LOVE it! 
It was the perfect afternoon and I love creating great memories. 

Also, My fitbit tracked a TON of extra steps thanks to our walk. I am slightly (not so slightly) obsessed with my steps each day so I loved seeing it say over 13,000 steps!! Woop woop!!! 

<3 Sara

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