Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hanging with the fishies

Another fun day in the books and I am exhausted. Started the day working legs at the gym then did some grocery shopping. 
I got ready then I went to lunch with my sis and the girls at Smokey Oak which is always yummy! 
I decided I needed a mimosa

We met up with Dave and the kiddos to go to the Aquarium. I actually got a membership so for the next year I can go as much as I want. Shannon got one too so we can all go together whenever. 

We watched the mermaids and honestly they were not good. The ones last weekend in Myrtle Beach were 10 times better from the routine to the costumes. I don't even think the kids enjoyed it. 
They had a few animals out for people to pet. We saw 2 snakes and an alligator which I am not brave enough to touch. 

Sis and I rocking our pirate hats

I love this picture of us!! And look I am wearing shorts. I never ever wear shorts but this year I have finally found some that look good and make me feel comfortable in. Thank God! 

We finished the day off with a very yummy steak dinner followed by strawberry shortcake with mom and dad! I always love sunday dinners they are always yummy!! 

I hate that this fun weekend is over but next weekend is packed full of Easter celebrating so I have something to look forward to! :) 

<3 Sara

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Nicole said...

I love going to the aquarium! But I feel super jipped, we do not have mermaids! lol This reminds of that reality show Myrtle Manor where the girl was a mermaid haha You and your bf are too cute :)