Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cute and Cozy

For about a year or so now I have had THIS website saved in my favorites here at work. I am honestly not even sure how the heck I found it. Probably just random searching one bored day. One day I plan to go and stay in one of these cute and cozy cottages. They are so basic and definitely not up to date like most places but that's what is so appealing about it. If you go in the winter they do winter specials which honestly are not bad. AND they are close to The Biltmore Estate. I went there back in December and had a blast. It snowed the day after we went to the biltmore but I think that was for the best. We would have FROZE trying to see the house and the grounds in the snow. I am a Charleston girl I like snow but not THAT much. I have no idea why that underlined or how to change it. Oh well!

Maybe one day I will get to visit these cute little cottages until then I guess it will remain as a favorite in my computer.

<3 Sara

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