Monday, February 14, 2011

Warning this is GROSS

This right here is why I always need to remember to bring extra shoes to work. Just in case I have to deliver mail.... yup today was one of those days I wore my NON mail shoes and got stuck doing mail. Can we say OUCH??? So just a reminder to everyone always have an extra pair of shoes in your car! This is the back of ONE of my heels. I have blisters on other toes and the back of my other heel. Probably won't be wearing real shoes tomorrow. Which won't be a big deal since the weather is supposed to be gorgeous AGAIN! This weekend the weather was breathtaking. I absolutely LOVED it. I took some pictures of Izzy out on the beach yesterday. But my computer wasn't working last night so I have to wait to upload them. Seriously cute though!

Sorry for grossing you out!

Have a great day! lol


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