Tuesday, February 8, 2011

PBR not the beer

Yes people it it the Professional Bull Riders I am reffering to. I know right? ME? haha yes!
Well here's the deal... the new guy I am seeing is a bit of a "country boy" as I like to say. He grew up on a farm in Ohio and is definitely into all things "country". So the other day we were watching the PBR nationals or something like that. So that night I had a dream that I was a Professional Bull Rider... it was an intense dream. I am surprised I didn't wake up in a sweat. haha I don't know if you have ever watched it but it's actually quite interesting. I know I went to one of these when I was younger with a friend and her mom but I don't honestly remember much about it. Unfortunately they were in Charleston LAST weekend and I didn't know I would be interested in going. SO I guess next time they venture this way I will check it out live. I am pretty sure their goal is to stay on as long as humanly possible but the buzzer goes off at 8 seconds. Which I know doesn't seem like a long time but I wouldn't last but maybe half a second once the gate opened. Those guys have got to be strong!

Those bulls are MASSIVE and grumpy among other things im sure! Luckily they shave down the points of their horns so you are less likely to get TOO hurt from that part anyway. Lord help you if they stepped on you! Can you say PAIN?? no thanks! I'll stick to dreaming about it!
Happy Tuesday!

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