Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So kinda a long the same lines as my last post BOOTS! My co-worker got the CUTEST cowgirl boots a couple of weekends ago and I thought they were awesome. So I asked her for the website which is if you want to check them out. Thats where I got the pictures below. I picked out 3 pairs that I REALLY liked. Too bad they are WAY expensive definitely over $100. I can hardly bring myself to pay over $20 for a pair of shoes. The only ones I splurge on and spend over $50 are my gym shoes only because I wear them everyday and they get worn out so its worth the money.

These would probably never fit over my calves but I still like them!

These are my ABSOLUTE favorite pair! I think they are pretty. Plus the swirly part at the top is definitely me. Considering Damask is my favorite pattern for most anything.

Which ones would you pick out?

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