Thursday, February 10, 2011


Update on my friends son: He is still in ICU and on morphine for the pain. He still needs lots and lots of prayers! He has a fractured hip which apparently means he may get a cast on his left leg. He is responsive and they say his liver looks good. They plan to do another CT Scan this morning to make sure everything is fine. He is a lucky little guy! The van that hit him was apparently doing around 35mph in a neighborhood while B was on his bike. I just pray he is going to make a FULL recovery and won't have any issues after he heals. Please keep B and his family in your prayers! I added a couple of pictures just because he's a cutie and I like pictures!

Him and I are dancing at Chuck-E-Cheese

We were all dancing at this point. I am pretty sure they had a cd player on the ground for all the kids to just dance in their entrance way.

Aww I like this picture! B and I on the 4th of July and below is Lola and B! I swear he smiles he's just a shy little guy sometimes.


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