Friday, February 4, 2011


Happy Friday everyone! Gosh it took forever for this day to finally arrive! Or maybe it was just that way for me? Who knows! This week just has been dragging by.....

For the last couple of weeks work has been quite busy for me. I am technically a Library for a Govt Facility... not your typical Librarian. I deal with odd military stuff. Anyways... I give out TONS and TONS of drawing numbers... for every drawing number I need the pdf of the drawing. So lets just say long "story" short... I have been attempting to get well over 25,000+ drawings by email. yep! But... the last day or so I have been helping get documents ready for scanning. This basically means pulling staples out of paper... I have a staple mountain on my desk! haha I am kinda waiting to see how big I can get it... maybe I will take a pic to show everyone. maybe...

So I go to lunch and come back to check my email and I have snow pictures. They are from my friend Pam in Dallas Texas. I went there back in August and had a blast! and now they get SNOW!! I am so jealous!!! I want a snow day with lots of snow! BUT I only want one snow day... maybe 2 at most haha yes I put stipulations on what I want! Here are two of the pics she sent me!

This is the entrance to their apartment complex.. its actually quite a hill... you can't tell in this picture though.

and I just love this picture! This is her daughter Ashley playing in the snow. She's such a cutie and so sweet! Miss her and the rest of their family!

I am hoping for a great weekend! So far all I have planned is a baby shower for Norrissia, gym time, and boyfriend time. More on that later!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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