Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend Wrapup

I can't believe another weekend has come and gone... I swear I just left work :(

Anyways, Friday after work I went and got my hair done. I decided to get rid of the red although there are still slight tints of the red. So I told the lady I want some blonde and I trust her! haha I happen to personally LOVE it!! She even cut it a little bit but not too much. I am trying to grow my hair out to be rather long so I am really picky about how much she cuts off. But she knows me well enough now to know what I like!

Saturday I woke up after sleeping for 14 hours... yes 14 there is no typo there!! It felt AMAZING!!! I haven't slept that long probably since forever!! I am sure it was sometime when I was in College. I ended up hitting the gym up for awhile and had an ok workout. My knee has been messed up lately so I am having to be careful when I workout. I am almost thinking I might just need some new shoes? Who knows! Later, Kelly and I went out to Miyabis and it was YUM!! The only bad thing is they give you WAY too much food. It is ridiculous. So we decided we needed to go walk it off at the Towne Center... Surprisingly I bought nothing! Be proud! haha I did however buy some drinks when we went to Hatchells. It was such a great bar very chill and we had a great conversation with 4 people that worked there and 2 random guys who sat next to us. One of the guys was like 36 and wanted to help me figure out my "guy issues" haha I was not about to tell a guy about all that confusion... We ended the night early thanks to Kellys lame curfew... it was WAY earlier last night for some reason... sucked but we still had a great night!

So today was GREAT!! Kelly and I woke up WAY early and went to church. We went to Newspring Charleston and it was AWESOME!!! Long but awesome. Normally a pastor can't keep my attention past 30 mins but this guy kept my attention the entire time. I don't know how long he spoke but the entire service was an hour and 45 minutes if that tells you anything. I loved every minute and Pastor Perry Noble kept us laughing and literally made me cry from laughing so hard. go to to check out some of his sermons. There are a couple I want to go watch once I have some time to sit down and watch them. After church I came home and helped mom do a couple of things for our Easter lunch and then we all ate! I felt like a cow although I didn't eat THAT much it was just filling foods. Mac n Cheese was my favorite. Mom did the recipe different and it was phenominal. Since Kelly joined us for lunch we decided to head out to the beach to try and get some sun. First of all there were WAY too many tourists... when you are from Charleston the tourist just get on your nerves AND it was HOT it felt like July. Next time we are going to a more "local" part of the beach and will make it a point to get in the water.... After that we ended our day watching The Holiday. Such a great movie!

I have a HORRIBLE headache so I am off to sleep. Hopefully when I wake up it will be gone.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! And remember how blessed we are for what he has done for us! Watch the Passion of the Christ if you need a reminder... Intense... made me cry watching parts of it in church today... He loves us! :D


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