Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday! Yes I am happy and it is monday! Something must be wrong! haha So this weekend I must say was fantastic!!! It's been awhile since I had one of those. Friday night I got my car fixed after 10 months. My gas gauge had been broken so it is nice to finally not be looking at the gas light and check engine light now. After that I went over to my grandmothers and ended up going out with my aunt and her boyfriend for dinner. We had bojangles it was pretty tasty. It has been awhile since I had that. Saturday I was gone ALL day! I woke up at 7:30 and got ready to head to my friend Ashleys house. I was with her 13 hours I am sure she was ready for me to leave lol maybe idk! haha I doubt that. Anyways, I went with Ashley, her son Jesse and her sister Lauren to the Summerville Flowertown Festival and it was really nice. Just a bunch of vendors mainly kid stuff and home decor. It was still fun however I bought nothing. They bought a couple of things so it was good! I think we all ended up with a little pink on our skin. We then went to Ye Ole Fashion for a yummy lunch. Then off to Babies R us and Target. Later that night we had some VERY yummy steaks, veggie casserole and yummmmmy brownies!! It was the perfect end to a perfect day. I was supposed to babysit but that got cancelled because my friends husband was on call for work!

Look at all these people!!! Thats from the Flowertown Festival! At this point we knew it was time to go!

Sunday Was a really nice day outside. I was heading to the gym and took a detour downtown. I did a roughly 3 mile walk and it was gorgeous. I went along the Battery google it if you have never been to Charleston. The sea breeze was just amazing I was still sweating but it helped. I took a couple of pictures since I was by myself and had my phone.

I took this picture while laying down on a bench. Look at that pretty blue sky The Infamous Pineapple Fountain. There were tons of people playing around it. I was shocked that my picture only had 3 people in it.
Again laying down for a minute! yes I am lame and take pictures of myself. But hey its me and I am ok with it! lol
The Ravanel Bridge and some flags.

After my walk I headed home to shower up for church with mom, dad and Lola! Overall a great weekend!!!! Love my life and I am glad things are feeling good again. Or shall I just say better!


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