Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So after much thinking I have decided to change gyms. I have been at Select Fitness for 2 years now and I am over it. It is super far from home and now that I live back on JI I hate to drive 30 mins just for the gym. So I am joining Golds which is 5 mins from my house if that. I have a couple of friends who already go there or will be joining soon. YAY!! Workout buddies! My friend Julie is having her baby Marlow soon so once she pops her out *nice graphic huh* she is going to join. So I am guessing the begining of June. She will most likely be the one I work out with the most. She is looking forward to feeding off my motivation. I have been going consistently since October after I had that shot in my back. So far 20lb weight loss but I am striving for more and hopefully a new gym will help. I can change up my routine and make it happen!!

Guess we will see how this goes...

OH and not only is it 5 mins from home it is only $9.99 to join and it will be $24.99 monthly AND I won't have to pay until June. I paid $29.99 at Select so it will be cheaper a month and less gas used. I am sure my financial manager will approve of this one HAHA