Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beach Hats

Kelly and I went down to Folly Beach the other night. We ended up at her old job Beach Wear and saw all these silly hats. My only thoughts are "do people REALLY buy these things?" "Oh wait Tourist will buy anything"! haha and gosh it is the truth. She knows since I mean she did work there. So we decided to try some of them on and take pictures. Here were our favorites.

Mine says "Grandma <3 me"

We are going to be hot grandmas one day with these awesome hats haha

We only tried these ones because hello they are NEON YELLOW

She wanted us both to do what she is doing in this picture. BUT as you can tell I was laughing hysterically and it was just not happening

So after we left the store we took a nice walk to the Folly Beach Pier and it was SO nice out. The sunset was almost done so I got the picture below.
Then we got to the end of the pier where they had a roped off area for special fishing. I think it was a king mackrel I probably spelt that wrong. It was quite interesting to watch... those guys were VERY into fishing. I felt bad for the little fishies they were using for their bait though... so sad!
We are actually going out somewhere tonight. Have not decided where though... sucks... there are SO many places to go in Charleston yet we always end up at the same places. I think I am going to google some places and see what I can come up with. Something different tonight!

Have a Happy Saturday and a very HAPPY EASTER!!


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