Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Recap

So this weekend was pretty darn good just like all the others I have been having lately. It must be the fact that it is spring time in Charleston. I love it although the pollen is slowly making it's way back into our lives. I wish the rain would come back and wash it away. Friday night Kelly and I were in dire need of time together. I mean we lived together for 14 months and now we see eachother sometimes only once a week. It is not cool but we both get busy and she goes out of town on most weekends. Anyways we went to a FANTASTIC Northern Italian Restaraunt Al Di La I had a fantastic New York stip with Mashed Taters, and veggies. We also shared a cheese plate which was to die for and the bread was AMAZING! Kelly had a few cocktails and she enjoyed them very much. Picture Below. Saturday was my very good friend Julies Baby shower. She will be having baby Marlow in 5 weeks or less. She looks great for being almost 9months preggo. The shower was really cute and I think everyone enjoyed it. After wards I took Angel home, me, Josh and Angel all colored the picture at the bottom. And I also took that super cute picture of Angel and Josh that I just love. I will miss them terribly when they move to St. Louis! Sunday I went to the gym then shopping with my Aunt Susan. I spent too much money accidentally... oops! but luckily I am still good all the bills are paid! AND I am almost done paying off my credit card. The end of this month will have a $0 ballance!! :D I am excited about that! Aftwards I made brownies and my friend Chris came over to hang out and fixed my laptop!! YAY!! It hasn't worked for a couple of months. Little did I know it was one small click and a million updates! Now I know what to do IF it breaks again... I say break loosely! Thanks Chris :) Below are pictures....

Happy Monday!!


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