Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weekend Recap

You know you are a slacker when your weekend recap shows up on a Wednesday! haha my bad!

So Friday I took the day off work. It was the BEST decision ever! I slept late then headed to the beach just for a walk though. The wind was kicking my butt so it was definitely a work out. That night I babysat for Josh. They are moving in a month or less now and it SUCKS!! I am going to miss the heck out of them!!

Saturday.. I ended up at the gym for a nice workout. Then I went to a bbq competition my dad and some of his friends were entered into. It was fun CRAZY windy again but yummy food. The ribs were the best which they got 1st in. The bbq and the chicken they got 3rd in! It was SO good even the hash and rice were good and normally im not a huge fan of hash and rice. Below are some pics!

This is the view from the dock looking back at the yaught club

Izzy enjoing the swings she was so cute

Lo and Me! We were both rocking our Hello Kitty shirts!

This is my food! Yup had to share! Hash and rice, Chicken and ribs! yum

It was so nice out there. A storm was coming in (small storm) and it was beautiful!

Sunday I slept in AGAIN! yes my weekends are for sleeping in. And I will enjoy this until the day I MAYBE have kids. I ended up having lunch with Shannon, Isabelle and Lola at East Bay Deli which was yummy. Then we walked over to the South Carolina Aquarium which was EXPENSIVE. But we all had a lot of fun so I guess it was worth the $20! After the aqaurium we went to Target, Saw the Easter Bunny at the mall. Poor Izzy HATED the EAster Bunny! I felt so bad for her. I grabbed her from Shannon so Lola could see him and she was shaking. I was like dang girl it's not THAT bad! After that we went to Coastal Community Church for their evening service. It was a good service but there were not a lot of people which surprised me. I liked Pastor Chris' comment about there's something in the water because people are falling in love, getting engaged, married at Coastal. I looked at Shannon and said I needed to find the waterfountain. haha Would be nice! Although I am not looking for anything right now It wouldn't be bad if it found me... maybe it already has...

I love the Otters they are SO cute!

AHHHH Snakes!

and my absolute FAVORITE!! Sea Turtle!!

Rocking these awesome shades! I did buy them.

Lola got some too!

Well there is my weekend!! It was fantastic and I can't wait for more just like it! Spent pretty much most of it with my family!



Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Ahh this reminds me, I need a vacation!! Hehe

Erin said...

How long have you been going to Coastal? We used to go there