Thursday, April 21, 2011

Snake Bite

I named it Snake bite so my mom won't bother to read it. haha my mom is deathly afraid of snakes and on occassion reads my blog. So I am just looking out for her! Anyways... Snake bite... no I did not get bit by a snake IRL *in real life*

Last night I had a VERY vivid dream about getting bit by a snake. I know I am thinking whatever I had for dinner I will not eat again if I am going to dream of snake bites. Anyways in this dream I am standing outside and my dad is holding a dang snake and lets the thing bite my hand. Like my entire hand is in this snakes mouth and I am just standing there looking at it. Yeah right first of all my dad would never sit there and hold a dang snake and he would NEVER let the thing freaking bite me! What can I say he loves me too much haha. But seriously everything was like a non caring slow motion thing. I then jerked my hand back after he tells me to and stare at it. haha I know this dream is WHACK! I then proceed to say hey I probably should go to the ER haha can we say WEIRDEST dream EVER!! OH and the reason my dad was holding the snake was because it was upstairs in some old ladies house with a bunch of other snakes so he took it out for her. haha

This morning I was trying to remember what the snake looked like and I found the picture below and I think this is the closest one that I could find to the one in my dream. The only difference I could say would be the one in my dream had diamonds on it's back...

SO while I am looking up snake pictures I found the one below. I about died!! I don't remember where this happens but people get snake massages. WHAT THE HECK PEOPLE! There was one picture with baby snakes all over a ladies face. HER FREAKING FACE?!?!?!?!?! People are crazy and apparently way too trusting of an untrusting creature. People have pet snakes that turn on them... there is no way in heck I would ever partake in snake massages. I had to share this craziness. I forget where I found the picture besides google images.

Well Happy Thursday everyone!! It is ALMOST Friday!! WOOHOO!!!! I am so ready for this week to be over. I have been covering the mail since last Thursday and I am SO over it. I am ready to ONLY do my job again... oh wait what is MY job... Oh yeah to cover EVERYONE else's job... haha No I am not bitter!!

Back to work....


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Anonymous said...

just wondering if you figured out the meaning to your dream.... I too had a dream in my nap today that there were snakes in my back yard, and there was one right outside the door and my mom opened the door and it bit mom is deathly afraid of snakes too so its weird that she would open the door.... I dont want to go into all the details,,, i was just wondering if you figured the meaning...