Thursday, June 2, 2016

Kindergarten Graduation

Well well I am back and a married woman AND I have a ton to blog about! The wedding was everything I hoped it would be and I definitely will be blogging about it in the next week or so!

Up first though we have Alayna's school performance. Last Thursday she graduated from K-5 and will be headed to 1st grade! We couldn't make it to the graduation because they did it at noon. We did however make it to her performance that evening. Her class dressed like bee's and they were so cute!

 We were so glad we got to be there and I could tell she was excited we were there. It is important for us to go to these things especially Dave. Hopefully we will make it to many many more performances and school functions for them.
Her mom posted this one after the graduation earlier in the day. I love that she is wearing Isabelle's dress, it looked so good on her!

She is growing up too quick, she turned 6 yesterday! I don't want time to stand still but it can slow down just a little.


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