Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mini honeymoon

The Saturday after our wedding Dave and I took a super mini 1 night honeymoon. We thought he was going to have major dental surgery which appears to no longer be happening so that is why we didn't plan a REAL honeymoon. I am thinking next year with tax money we will take a really nice trip. A cruise at least but I would love an all inclusive resort somewhere.

For now a night in Myrtle Beach worked just fine for us. We left Saturday around noon and headed to MB. We had no plan which worked out. We went straight to Broadway at the Beach to shop and walk around.

  We knew they had a zip line over the water and had talked about trying it before. He actually wanted to take me for my birthday but it was a little chilly. We decided to go for it since we had a little wedding cash we had brought with us. It really looked like no big deal and overall it wasn't BUT getting to the highest point where you take off was a bit higher than it looked from the ground. We both have a fear of heights. A zip line harness does nothing for my figure but I bought the picture anyway because I had to have proof that we did it.

 We walked around, had lunch and shopped for a while then headed to our hotel.



 We used hotwire to get our hotel which is always kinda nerve wracking for me because you don't know which hotel you are getting until you book and pay for it. We got lucky! Our hotel was great, on the beach, mini golf included, pools, lazy river, a pier and a KING SIZE bed!!! After sleeping in a king size bed we were sold. Once we get our house that is SO happening!  



 We enjoyed all of the hotel amenities then decided to take a sunset walk on the beach which was so nice. I think we both needed that relaxation after a crazy week.



 We watched a Captain America movie then headed to bed, we were wiped out from such a fun afternoon/evening! Have I mentioned how old we are, in bed by 10! haha sad but true!
 One thing I have developed over the last year for sure is the inability to sleep past 7, I also wake up a million times a night.
I happened to wake up at 5:30 Sunday morning and normally would try to go back to sleep. However, I remembered sunrise was a little after 6 and I have never watched a sunrise on the beach before. There was NO way Dave was waking up for this so I headed out by myself. Safe right? Luckily when I got on the beach and started to question my decision to go alone I saw a ton of people on the beach doing the same thing I was. I felt much safer, obviously something could still happen but I figured it was less likely.
 A heart in the concrete

 I walked about a mile down the beach before I realized how far I had walked. I was chasing the sun people, plus a good walk wouldn't hurt since there was no working out.  

 I was out there for over an hour and it was the perfect way to start the day. The sound of the ocean, quiet time with God and a beautiful sunrise!
 I got back and showered and then Dave woke up and we headed to breakfast after he fully woke up (kinda). We were actually both pretty tired but we started the day anyway.

 We decided to shop some before heading home, shopping started with Starbucks!! I love this picture because it looks like the statue was excited about all that caramel like I was.

 After spending a little too much money, even though we got amazing deals, we headed back to Charleston. We had to get our Teddy from the Newmans who are so awesome and watched him for us, then get ready for the week.

We had such a great time and I am so glad we did SOMETHING as a honeymoon even if it was in essence super simple compared to most honeymoons. The wedding fun was officially over, then it was time to start the name change business which equals zero fun!