Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Our wedding

Here are some of my favorite photos I found on facebook of our wedding! They are slightly out of order and I just don't feel like sorting them! Ya'll can figure it out ;) especially if you were in attendance!

Our wedding was everything I wanted it to be! We had two of my friends Ashley and Lauren who basically ended up being our wedding coordinators/decorators and they did an awesome job!! The weather turned out  perfect, we had all our family and friends there and we were finally husband and wife!
 The awesome sign my uncle David made! Mom, Dad and I went out there the morning of to just check things out and the weather was shaping up nicely. There was hope and I was one excited bride!

 Lauren, Me and Ashley, they are miracle workers! I truly can't even thank them enough!

 There were lots and lots of selfies




I hope to have more of the professional pictures soon, the ones I have seen are amazing!!


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