Monday, June 20, 2016

Last weekend

Only a full weekend behind, no biggie! This week I will finally be caught up with my blogging. First world problems, right?

Last weekend we didn't have the kids and luckily no big plans. Thursday night Dave started to have some pretty bad pain in his lower back and of course I go right to a pulled muscle but he was thinking kidney stone. Friday morning the pain is still there and a 10 at times so I told him to go to medical. He went they weren't 100% sure so they sent him to the ER for further examination. We got there, went right back then they started an IV and drew blood, well the girl who did this was a student and this was only her third time ever doing an IV. I am not entirely sure what happened but next thing I know she says woops and there's blood all over his arm and on the bed. ay ay ay!
We were there a good 2 hours and they finally said muscle spasm. Luckily he just needed to chill at home and take some meds and would be good to go.  
We did some shopping on Saturday then headed to JI to hang with the fam. Sunday we went to church, hung out at home, went to see the girls dance recitals and then dinner with the fam!

 Superheroes at church!!

 Isabelle is 2nd from the right and Lola is on the bottom furthest to the right!

 Selfies waiting for our table at Outback!

 After dinner Dave and I decided to drive by the lot where our house will be and there was slight progress. To our knowledge we have permits but just waiting to see when the next step begins! We are so ready for this house but being patient. We looked at other homes available in our price range and they simply suck, so being patient to get a house we absolutely love is what we must do. Plus moving further out of the summer is ideal because moving in July/August sucks, trust me, been there done that bought the t-shirt.

Our house will be right next to this house.

Yesterday was fathers day and we had a lot of fun celebrating!! I will  blog on that one this week!!


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