Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Downtown adventures

The day after the wedding (Monday/memorial day) I spent most of the day with my family. I went to get some wedding stuff (décor/gifts/food etc). Mom and I rocked on the front porch for well over an hour and it was so relaxing.
 I absolutely needed to just do nothing for a little bit. While I was doing that Dave, the kids and his family went shopping and to Velocity air sports to play. I knew they needed quality time together and I had stuff to get done so it was all good.
We met back up at the apartment and I told Dave we should head downtown. The weather had been rainy but I knew they needed to see downtown and we had umbrellas just in case. So off we went and luckily it didn't rain at all while we were down there.
God was absolutely on my side with weather during this week. Seriously, anytime I absolutely needed it to not rain it didn't and every other time when it didn't matter it rained. God loves me :)

Our first stop downtown was waterfront park to walk around and let the kids play. We had them in their bathing suits this time because last time they swam in their clothes (poor planning on our part). We brought towels and extra clothes this time (smart move).
The first fountain they said was way too cold but the pineapple was just right.


 Us being silly!

 Dave and his mom

 You only live once right, so why not play in mud puddles? I am not sure how Dave felt about this but by the time he saw it they were already playing so we just let them.

I love this picture of the fountain, the sky looked so pretty behind us because the sun was starting to set and there were still some stormy clouds lurking.
 I was about to take a picture of the family when a lady asked if I wanted to be in it too. I wasn't feeling very cute but before I could say no, my husband decided to yell yes. Therefore I was in the picture, it turned out well thanks to the lighting.
 We got back to the car, the kids changed clothes and we headed down to the battery where we luckily caught the end of the sunset.
 His mom sat in the car while we explored the park! I think Pat and Breanna really liked getting to see downtown so I was very happy they went with my idea despite the rain.

Our time was short (maybe 30 mins) before one of the kids needed to potty. They really should put a bathroom somewhere down there. That is literally my only complaint with downtown, not enough bathrooms.

We all enjoyed our day and I was glad to get to spend the last part of it exploring the beautiful city we live in. We really should do stuff like this more often than we do. We spent $2 the entire time and that was only for parking, so there really is no excuse!

Next up Patriots Point...


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