Friday, June 10, 2016

Patriots Point and a party

Tuesday was the last full day his parents would be in Charleston so we definitely wanted to have fun. I had the day off so we all went to Patriots Point.
Leftover flowers from the wedding, I loved the flowers!
 While we were on the way to the Yorktown I had a really sad moment. This was a place my aunt Susan and I went together because we both enjoyed it. It dawned on me this was the first time I would ever go there without her and it just made her death a reality for me. I knew I would eventually grieve her death but I almost wondered if something was wrong with me because it had not happened. Well it hit me on the way there, I was sad but there was almost relief. I finally cried and it was just a release for my sadness. I dried up my tears and knew I had to have fun because this was our place and she would want me to enjoy it with everyone.

The sun was shining, it was HOT and we had fun!





After we finished exploring we headed to pick up Alaynas birthday cake, stop by Target and then to Toys R Us for her to pick out her gift. She picked out a Barbie head that you can do it's hair and stuff, she loved it!
Later we had a very small party for her at the pool, it was a nice end to a long day!



 Wednesday life went back to normal for the most part which was needed especially for the kids. They went back to their mom on Friday and we went to Myrtle beach saturday!


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