Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Picnic time

The Wednesday after our wedding is when his parents headed back to NJ AND the kids went to their moms for a bit to celebrate Alayna's birthday. This was the first time Dave and I were truly alone, besides 5 minutes before passing out each night, since the Friday before the wedding.

He knew I had been feeling stressed/tired so he had an idea and made me go with it. I am not one for surprises but a surprise picnic at the park was very much needed. We got chick-fil-a then headed to the North Charleston Riverfront park, found a spot in the grass under a big tree and it was perfect. We only stayed out there for an hour but we just ate, layed there, talked, watched a plane that kept flying and enjoyed each others company.


It was a much needed hour to ourselves, I hope we do more of this in the future because it really was relaxing. Maybe once October comes back around because holy cow it is already SO hot outside.


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