Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fathers Day Weekend

So Friday we got the kids early because their mom was going out of town. Initially Dave was going to get them and then go workout but I decided to go get them for him. I wish I had not done that, the worst storm I have ever experienced hit while I was driving to get them. I called dad because surely there was a tornado 2 feet from my car and I was shaking. Ok so no tornado but holy cow the wind was INSANE! Needless to say I am pretty sure that takes the cake for scariest moment in my life.
 When I finally got home an hour and a half after leaving work, I took Teddy for a walk and there were limbs everywhere AND the umbrella was in the lake.
Alayna got to play with the dolls my Aunt Theresa and Grammy got her for her birthday!
We had dinner then we all went to bed after baths! My nerves were shot and unfortunately I still didn't sleep very well.

Saturday started with an early workout then trip to the grocery store, then I went to the baby shower. When I got home we decided to all go for a bike ride which was really fun. Although I should not have worn my capri sweat pants because holy sweat batman. It is getting very hot and I almost don't even want to go outside now. Even the pool yesterday was too hot!


 We spotted Mr. Alligator on our way, this time he was next to our side, normally he is across the pond. We got back and played in the pool for a little bit, cooked dinner, baths then bed!
 Sunday was Fathers day! I took Teddy for a long walk that morning, meal prepped some, everyone got ready and we headed to church. They had a fun photobooth set up so of course we had to take silly pictures. I hate the lighting on Alayna's face, you can't even see her smile!



 Family pictures! A friend at church was kind enough to take one with me in it.

We went home, had lunch, hung out for awhile then headed down to JI to hang with the family.

 We played cornhole, hung out back chatting, Logan and Alayna played, we all ate yummy burgers for dinner followed by cookie cake *yum* then headed home.

Aunt Theresa brought them back goodies from Yellowstone which for Logan included a whistle, binoculars and a park ranger badge. To say he was excited would be an understatement, he loved all of his gifts.



We had a great fathers day!! I got the most epic selfie with my daddy too and it will be going in a frame once we get the house and I have more room for more frames. I was so glad to get to spend time with my dad and the rest of the family. As you get older it becomes more and more obvious your family is everything and life is short so enjoy every moment with them that you can!


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