Tuesday, May 24, 2016

All the feels

This past weekend was busy in a good way. It was with lots of emotions to say the very least but all in all a good weekend. and NEXT weekend is the BIG weekend!!! There are 5 days until I say "I do", I don't think it has really sunk in yet but it definitely will on Sunday!

Anywho, back to the weekend, here is a bit of a recap.
 Friday after work we all met at the cemetery to burry my Aunt Susans ashes. It was just the immediate family but it was really nice.
One thing that I really loved was Isabelle decided to have everyone go around and say one thing they loved about Susan. Besides the obvious things (caring, loving, kind etc..) my favorite thing was our adventures we took together. We went to the beach and layed in the water talking in british accents, we went to the Yorktown more times than I can count, we did the strawberry festival where we had the best strawberry shortcake, our shopping trips to Kohls, sitting in a restaurant while it snowed and feeling like we were in a snowglobe, just to name a few! We had many many more adventures these were just my top faves!
  It was raining a little and she decided she wanted to be Mary Poppins!
After the service I headed home to spend the evening with friends talking wedding and everything else which was so nice!!
I am so thankful that Ashley and Lauren are helping on the wedding day and will have everything look perfect and run smoothly. They will obviously be enjoying the wedding as well but knowing they are helping as well puts me at ease. I know those two will take care of everything and I have no doubts it will be perfect. If it was all left to me to decorate, well that probably wouldn't turn out so amazing haha

 Saturday morning after a quick workout and run to the store we went to celebrate Ashleys surprise 30th birthday! Everything looked so nice and tasted great! We were so happy to get to celebrate one of our favorite people.  


 The kids had been cooped up for most of the day and our pool was closed BUT Aunt Krystals pool was open so we went over there and had a blast!! The kids said it was the best day EVER!

 Anyone else love these fruit snacks or just me?
 I should mention Dave was gone ALL day helping a guy from work move so he literally got home, read a few bible stories with the kids then we all crashed. Having them all day by myself was a little tiring but we all survived!
 Sunday morning started with the gym and getting to see the ducks swimming in the pool. I don't know why I find this so funny but I do.
We went to church, came home had lunch then went to my parents house. We hung out there most of the evening except running by where we are having the wedding.
I am trying to enjoy every moment this week that isn't crazy because this weekend will be busy. All fun but busy busy! Heck this week is busy but there is some down time too thankfully!!


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