Monday, May 9, 2016

Bee City

We had SO much fun on Saturday, starting out with Bee City.
 I had never been and heard really good things about Bee City so we decided to spend a little money and do something fun with the kids. We only had them Friday evening until Sunday morning because of Mothers Day so we wanted to do something fun since it was a shorter weekend with them.
 We got there 10:30 which was perfect, it was cool outside and there were only a handful of people  even though they opened at 9. I honestly thought it would have been crazy busy because it was a Saturday and a gorgeous Saturday at that. I took a ton of pictures, we fed lots of animals, they held a few while I watched and just truly enjoyed spending the morning together having fun!









 We had SO much fun and for only $7 a person I would say 100% it is worth it!


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