Friday, May 6, 2016


Tuesday night Dave and I went down to the Music Farm to see A Day To Remember, one of our favorite bands. I was actually really nervous because I haven't been to a rock concert since high school and I didn't know how it would be. In high school I went and was in the mosh pit the whole time and now I would like to not be hit, jumped on, punched etc so no mosh pit for this girl.


 Needless to say we had an awesome time! We got to stand pretty close on some stairs which was also right by the door. Being by the door was HUGE because it was SO hot in there and it was cool outside therefore when the door opened we got a slight breeze.

We got to see their tour buses on our way out the parking garage. We got home around 11 took showers because we were gross and CRASHED! I haven't slept that good in awhile! 

 Wednesday we both took the day off, I started my day in the gym and he went to a dentist appointment. When he got home we headed downtown to get our MARRIAGE LICENSE!!!! Yes, things are getting REAL!

We had lunch, ran a few errands then parked by the pool for an hour before he went to get kids.

I met up with Ashley for pedicures which was so needed. My feet looked awful and the girl time was great!

 I got home had dinner with Dave and the kids then we went to the pool. These kids love the pool and I think like us they will miss it next summer when we are no longer at the apartment. I told Dave we need some kind of activity for summer so I think we may get a slip n slide because a pool will kill our grass. The grass we are paying a lot of money for so killing it is just not an option.

I have been miserable with allergies I think this week so I am hoping they cooperate so I can have a good weekend!
We have kids this weekend until Sunday morning, they will spend mothers day with their mom. No clue what our plans are but I guarantee it will involve the pool.


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