Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The rest

I almost forgot to post the rest of our weekend not that it would be the end of the world but you know I like recording everything here! :)

After Bee City Saturday morning we grocery shopped then went to the pool for the rest of the afternoon. The pool was cold again even though Wednesday it was warmer so there wasn't a TON of swimming like normal but there was enough. We stayed most of the afternoon until they closed the pool because someone cut their foot on the bottom of the shallow end on some loose pieces of concrete. Luckily it wasn't anything serious but they did see it as an obvious safety concern.

 We went back to the house, the kids went to play outside while I cooked us some dinner. I love that they have now found some friends to play with so they really enjoy getting to go outside and play. Hopefully when we move there will be some kids in the neighborhood they can meet so they can go out and play.

 Sunday morning Dave dropped off the kids with their mom to be with her for mothers day and we went to church. We went home for a little bit to wait on Teddy to be done at the groomers then went to JI.  I loved the gift I got for mom it looks awesome and I love the colors!
 We went over to my grandmothers house for a bit and I got to see the awesome sign my uncle is making for our wedding. It is MUCH bigger than what I asked for but it is AWESOME! I think we will find a place in our backyard to put it once we get the house. I am thinking maybe in a garden but that also means I need to plant a garden! one thing at a time! haha

We had a yummy dinner with the fam then headed home to get everything ready for work the next day. Of course the sunset was pretty on the way home (Dave took the pics)
Such a good weekend!! This weekend so far all I have planned is getting my hair done and I am hoping this time I don't have an allergic reaction because let's face it that would SUCK considering we are getting married soon. Crossing fingers!


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