Thursday, May 19, 2016

Randoms from the weekend

Posting about last weekend on Thursday... hmm can we say slacker? I almost didn't even post but things are quiet at the moment so this will use up at least 5 mins of my day!
 So last Friday (last minute) Dave and I both invited a friend over, we cooked dinner and played uno. Mom gave me a few huge potatoes so instead of fries out the bag I decided to cook the ones she gave me. I cut them up, drizzled olive oil, garlic salt and S&P on them then baked in the oven at 400 for maybe 30 minutes. They were absolutely delicious and I will be making these many times in the future. I would probably eat them everyday they are THAT good.

 We failed miserably at opening the bottle of wine, notice the cork IN the bottle haha

 Food, Wine, Friends and Uno=Fun!


 Saturday morning after a workout I went to get my hair done for the wedding, she added more brown back and I love it. Then I met up with Julie my awesome photographer AND friend for lunch and wedding talk!  The guacamole was delicious!!!

 Went shopping with my sister later in the afternoon and had a starbucks for the first time in forever. I honestly don't know how long but it has been well over a year at the very least. It was delicious but expensive!!

 Sunday we were all bad and skipped church! Dave and I worked out then went shopping with mom and the girls for wedding stuff! Think we got enough burlap?  
 After eating some pizza the girls and I went for a walk (almost a mile) which made me feel a little better. I wonder why I am bloated this week, CARBS! haha they were so good though!
 Dave got a huge thing of protein for his birthday present! the one on the right was cheaper than the left and way more protein!!
 Monday morning the sunrise was looking so pretty so of course I took a picture! Later after work I met with the DJ and we got a plan for the ceremony and reception so things are really coming together. After I met with him I got my nails done which took FOREVER!! They did a good job but I won't be going back to that place unless I bring a book.

Tuesday we were supposed to do my bridal portraits but thanks to the rain that didn't happen which totally bummed me out. BUT on a good note we got to see the whole package (hair, makeup, jewelry and dress) and mom got to do the bustle so the wedding day should go off without a hitch as far as I am concerned.

As of today we have 10 days until the wedding, I am just trying to enjoy everything and soak it all in. The fact that I am about to be a Mrs just blows my mind!! I am super excited and ready!! I am so looking forward to all we have planned around the wedding too! It will be so fun!!


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