Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sun, Margarita and bbq

This past weekend was really relaxing which was so needed. We have been so busy lately it was nice to have a normal weekend with no craziness!

Friday was my sister and Grammies birthday so we went to my parents house to have pizza and cake to celebrate. We also celebrated Dave since he is an April baby too!
Saturday we went to the gym, grocery shopped then went to the pool for a few hours.
 My dad was part of a bbq competition so we went out to the yacht club for that. Unfortunately he wasn't feeling good and neither was Dave so they stayed home. We had a good time though, the weather was gorgeous, the food was good, the company was great and the margarita was delicious!

Grammy and me on the dock
 Remember that yummy margarita I told you about? I only had one because I never drink so I was feeling it a little after only one.
 Mommy and her mom then me and my mommy!

 Some of the crew!
 It was so pretty, if sunset wasn't so late I might have got some good pictures but we were ready to go! We hung out at my parents house for a little bit then headed home.
 Playing around with snapchat filters!

Sunday for me was great! I skipped church yeah yeah I know, went to the gym then drove by our lot. They have the sold sign up which was new, I am hoping they get permits soon and start building. We are beyond ready to be in our house, I am so sick of apartment life it's not even funny.
When Dave got home and showered we went out looking for shoes for him and Logan to wear in the wedding. We did a little more shopping then went home to do absolutely nothing the rest of the night which was so nice!

Next weekend we have kids but it's supposed to be sunny so I am sure we will be at the pool all weekend well Saturday because they will spend Sunday with their mom since it's mothers day!



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