Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bridal Shower

My bridal shower was on Saturday and it was truly everything I could have wanted it to be. Laid back, great food, cute decorations and my family!
I initially was bummed none of my friends could make it some had legit excuses and some did not which honestly that one hurt BUT it turned out so good and I was so happy!
That's me!
 I truly never thought I would be a bride, I started to think it just wasn't a part of God's plan for my life but that's what happens when you THINK you know. God shows up and says haha in your face you were wrong. 
 These cupcakes were the highlight when it comes to food when I think back to my shower. They were blueberry and lemon and just heaven in my mouth. I ate 2 and thankfully mom and I went for a walk that afternoon so I didn't feel so much guilt about eating them.

The girl who made the cupcakes is also doing my wedding cake, she is awesome!


 This part was pretty fun, lots of great gifts!



 My aunt Dottie telling Amanda and Grammy that the ladder was too heavy haha


 A few out of order pictures!
 I am really excited for new pots and pans, you have NO idea! I am pretty sure Dave is stoked about it too!

 I am so thankful for such a great time with my family!! Time is flying by and next thing I know the wedding day will be here!!
Everything is almost done which makes me so happy! No stress is what I am going for and that means no stress for anyone.


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