Monday, April 11, 2016

Fun times outside

My weekend started on Friday having the day off, my aunt Susan passed away on Thursday morning so I took Friday off to just go be with my family. It has been a really sad time for everyone but to know she is no longer in pain and is in heaven is very comforting. We had a service for her on Sunday which I will do as it's own post.
 This was the sunset on my way home Friday evening, beautiful!

We had the kids this past weekend and no soccer so we went to the AFB Saturday morning for hair cuts and groceries. We also happened to get a good deal on Daves wedding ring which I was stoked about!
 Cool dude with his new hair cut
 We got these flowers to take to Susans memorial service but the boys forgot to bring them! I know Susan loved them even if they were still sitting in my apartment! woops!
 We went down to JI for the rest of Saturday which was nice. We spent a lot of time outside because the weather was beautiful!

 Flying a kite and some baseball in the front yard.

 The kids and I went over to Sunrise park for a little bit just to walk around and look for sheshells (as Alayna calls them).


 We saw two horseshoe crabs on the beach which the kids thought was so cool. We flipped it over and they got to look at the legs etc. Anytime they can learn something cool is a good thing. One thing to learn from a book, a whole other to learn from seeing it first hand. The beach is always a good place to learn fun things.
not the best pic of me but I still like it

We hung out the rest of the evening with my family then headed home for baths because the kids were filthy plus we had washed our sheets so beds had to be put back together.

We also got new neighbors upstairs luckily they aren't as loud as the previous tenants but loud none the less. I am SO ready for our house to be ready so I will no longer be annoyed by apartment life. Praying for August even though moving in August sounds dreadful!


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