Monday, April 4, 2016

Our crafty weekend

 Friday evening our Newmans invited us to go do a painting class with them. I wasn't so sure if Dave would enjoy it but he agreed to go. I was shocked he didn't hate it, in fact I think he may have even enjoyed it. It was absolutely pouring outside so being inside and having fun was even better!
Oh these silly boys! Love them!
 Of course we had to take some selfies first!

 Then class started!
 My serious painter!

 We painted crabs, they all turned out really good too besides a minor issue at the end which Ashley helped me fix!

 I couldn't imagine not doing life with these 3!! I love my peeps!! Good quality clean fun with friends, doesn't get any better!

Saturday we went to the gym then went to the mall where we picked up my ring AND got both Logan and Daves wedding outfits. We got them at JcPenny and we saved a LOT thanks to sales and coupons! Woohoo!! I thought for sure Daves outfit would be insanely priced but luckily it wasn't and he could wear it to any event where he needs to be a little dressy.
After the mall we went to see my aunt Susan who is not doing so great BUT we really are glad we went to see her. It was hard and sad but it was so good to show her the ring she gave me all pretty and fitting on my finger. Getting to hold her hand and tell her I love her one last time was exactly what I knew I needed. I have talked to my bff Ashley a lot about Sue and I didn't plan to visit but she made a comment that it was ok but to make sure I won't regret it. I thought a lot on what she said and decided there was a good chance I may regret it. So we went!

She also got So excited when she saw Dave, I was chopped liver haha but I was so happy to see her get excited to see him. It makes me feel even more confident about marrying him not that I wasn't confident before that :)

 Sunday morning I woke up and walked Teddy before church. We also were getting our cakes dropped off to taste for the wedding. I thought I would get a few slices of different flavors but we got huge "mini" cakes! I didn't initially plan to take it to my parents house but after seeing THAT much cake we decided everyone was trying the cakes with us! I can't believe I paid only $10 for all that cake!
 After church I went to Michaels then came back to pick up Dave after 3rd service. He had no clue that he would be crafting when we got to my parents house but he enjoyed it. The polka dots were his idea ;) For $13 we made 6 picture frames that match our wedding colors! We plan to put 6 of our favorite pictures of us in them to have around the reception area.

 We met up with Lauren at Mr. Al's (where our wedding is) to talk about all we needed and get an idea of how things may be set up. Besides the gnats it was amazing out there! I pray there will be sun, a breeze and NO gnats on my wedding day!!

 Our completed frames! I absolutely love them!
After a delicious dinner we all got some cake, um seriously we ALL had that much cake on our plates. There was absolutely NO way to even make a dent in this plate without going into a sugar coma. BUT we all decided strawberry with cream cheese was the winner except Isabelle who wanted red velvet. Lucky for her there will be some cake pops with red velvet flavor.

We had such a great weekend!!

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