Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend 2016

 Prepare for picture overload, yeah there's 39 of them! I took more but I figured they didn't all need to be on the blog.

We had the kids this weekend and unfortunately Logan was sick all day on Saturday. He slept most of the day and I kept going in there to make sure he was alive. He has NEVER slept like that even when he was sick before at our house so it made me uneasy. They both just got over the flu and I guess the flu decided one more day for Logan.

Dave went to help at the church all Saturday morning then he came home to nap and hang with Logan. The girls headed to the mall, I had cabin fever. I dropped off my ring for the wedding to get re-sized, we ate some yummy ice cream, she played on the playground, we looked for shoes with no luck then headed home shortly after.  I don't think she hated some girl time!
 Sunday I woke up at 7 to make sure I got in a workout because I knew the day would bring some yummy unhealthy foods and I was right. I made Dave some pancakes and sausage, food prepped my breakfast for the week, got the kids fed and then they got their baskets!
 The easter bunny kept it simple this year! I saw someone on IG gave their kids a bike.... seriously this isn't Christmas people! candy and a few extra fun things and they were good to go!

 We got dressed up for church and everyone loved that Alayna and I matched. When I bought my dress I had no clue there was a matching one for her but when I saw it weeks later I had to get it. She's 5 so she's not too cool yet for matching!
 This was our first Sunday in our new building and it was awesome and SO busy!! We had tons of new people and the building looked AWESOME!
 This was Logans new classroom, so cool!
he is silly!

 We dropped off some medicine to my aunt Susan then headed to my parents house for the afternoon. Unfortunately it was torrential rains so the kids got pretty bored. A meltdown or 2 later and then it was time to eat and have an inside egg hunt.
 The best ham I think we have ever had, even the leftovers were amazing today for lunch!
Snapchat fun!
 Pretty stoked I get to marry this guy in 62 days!!
 The kids had a lot of fun and so did we!



 I thought the egg hunt was pretty fun inside but definitely had to get more creative with hiding spaces! I remember when I was younger we would do egg hunts for days around Easter with just the eggs (no candy) in the yard and it was fun!

It was definitely a good Easter!!


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