Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Drive up to NJ

 We got back from New Jersey yesterday and to say I am tired is a bit of an understatement! We packed a LOT into our trip which I obviously plan to blog all about.
 We left Charleston around 11 on Thursday after I got home from work. Next time I think I will just take the whole day off it just wasn't worth 4 hours.
 Rest area selfie before I started to feel car sick! I never actually puked luckily but yeah I felt bad most of the ride up to Jersey.
 Silly picture in traffic, Richmond VA!
 He finally introduced me to a WaWa which is basically a gas station with good food. At first I didn't really "get" it but the tea was really good and the breakfast sandwich was good too! So a glorified gas station!

Our drive through DC and Baltimore was pretty!
 Tunnel in Baltimore, I did not like tunnels!! Luckily this was the only one on the way up!
 We got to his parents house around 9:30 and stayed for almost an hour I think then headed to the Air Force Inn where we stayed. It was a decent hotel but the fact that the base controlled the temp of our room was not cool. We had our window open the entire time otherwise our room was a sauna.

The ride up there really wasn't bad except the feeling sick part otherwise we hit maybe 10 minutes of traffic and zero accidents so we made good time! The ride home was less desirable but not because of traffic or accidents.

Next up is Day 1!


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