Thursday, March 10, 2016

The excitement begins

I feel like such a slacker posting about the weekend on a Thursday! Let's just say this week has been busy! I will get to that another time!

 Last Wednesday Dave and Alayna went to Walmart and brought me back some really pretty and colorful flowers. She was very proud of the ones she picked out. I love how vibrant they are and a week later they still look great!
 Me being silly testing out the self timer on my phone!
 Saturday morning Dave went to the soccer game then when he got home we went down to JI to hang out with the family. Bubs was there so of course I took a lot of pictures of his cute little self.


 We played some cornhole which was a lot of fun, the gnats were not fun though!
 Sunday we went and looked at a house and then the crazy started! haha Big life changes happening for us and I couldn't be more excited! My mind is going a million miles a minute and this week has FLOWN by at the speed of light. I am SOOOO excited for what's the come the next few months!


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